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Elegance Lamps

Elegance Lamps caters to the discriminating lighting aficionados seeking authentic, quality hand-made products and one-of-a-kind design.

At Elegance Lamps, quality matters. Our antique lamps are restored using new UL Listed parts and are wired by a certified electrician for safety and peace of mind.

Our exclusive fabric lampshades are constructed with the highest quality materials available. Each shade is hand sewn using the finest silks. Authentic antique and vintage appliques and trims are hand selected for authenticity, originality, and with a profound appreciation for the preservation of historic textiles.

The "Modern Materials" lamps are created using the same high-quality handmade construction techniques as Antique & Vintage Lamps, yet offer a combination of modern and vintage textiles that allow for an affordable yet unique lighting experience.

Custom lampshades in any style can be created upon request.

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Flexible payment options offered. Please contact studio@elegancelamps.com or call (206) 280-6923 for personal service.


A Passion for Textiles

Crystal Hayes is inspired by a love of textiles, gained over a lifetime of artistry and design. She travels the world consulting with experts to ensure consistency in the usage of period materials pairing for each lamp. Her beads selections are sourced worldwide, and include the finest quality crystal, glass, natural stones, and metals.

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See Elegance Lamps in Victorian Homes magazine.

See Elegance Lamps in Victorian Homes magazine.

See Elegance Lamps in Romantic Homes magazine.

See Elegance Lamps in Romantic Homes magazine.


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