Antique Lamps with Victorian Shades - Beauty Meets Functionality

Here at Elegance Lamps, you will find the perfect fusion of functionality and beauty. Art shouldn't just sit should bring you joy, but art also needs to serve a practical purpose.

 Bored with plain beige lampshades?  Tired of questionable overseas quality?  Want unique style? We feel the same way. That's why Elegance Lamps scours the Earth looking for opportunities to up-cycle gorgeous quality antique lamps from a past where products were made to last.  Some of our lamps are nearly a century old. We use perfectly-preserved works of textile arts that have been hiding in storage for decades, ready to be adored for years to come.  Because antique textiles are rare, our lamps are handmade one-of-a-kind designs--there will never be another.  Unique, like the people who love them.

Sustainability, re-use, and beautiful art that lasts a lifetime.  That's what we do at Elegance Lamps.