The Making of a Lamp - "Wedding Day"

Elegance Lamps Wedding Day Lit.jpg


What does it take to restore an antique lamp and make a complimentary custom shade?  Today, I will share steps in the process with you.

The Original Lamp

This beauty was covered in dust and debris, and had a very old cord which was severely damaged.  I cleaned the glass and had my electrician work the magic of rewiring with new electrical supplies.


Preparing the Frame

Shade size and shape selection for this lamp was based on the harp size and overall shapes defined by the lamp.  I decided to use a frame called "Mini Claw" in hope of a dramatic yet complimentary overall effect.  

The images below reveal the process used to prepare the frame.  I decided to make a white shade and therefore, I wrapped the frame with white seam binding, added a white liner, and covered the shade in white silk charmeuse.  Given the number and unusual shapes of the panels, it took some time to sew all the "base" materials onto the frame.


Decorating the Shade

I decided early on that I would use material from a 1920"s flapper dress to decorate the large of this shade. The fabric is beaded and has a gorgeous chevron embroidery pattern in silk. For the smaller panels, I originally used lace from a 1910 dress.  However, I felt that the shade needed more gold so I replaced dress lace with an antique white lace with metallic gold thread.


With the shade nearly complete, I set to work on the beads.  For this lamp, I wanted a long strand that would create a chevron pattern that followed the line of the frame.   The bead selection was actually quite difficult as, only three colors were desired; green, variations of white, and gold.   I used milky Czech bi-cones, green glass pearls, lustrous creme pearls, gold plated filigree end caps and thousands of tiny gold beads.  The shade holds 2,343 pieces.


Once I had all the bead strands on, I added the final trim, and painted the base.   I mixed four colors of paint together to match the green glass pearls. Because paint darkens as it dries, I'm hoping for a perfect match once it cures.

And is the finished lamp!